Formed in 2010 and currently located in Arhus, Denmark, the band consists of three members: Robert Jancewicz (vocals, guitar) from Lithuania, Kuba Sypniewski (bass) from Poland and Kristian Nielsen (drums, backvocals) from Denmark. The three members met at a business school they were attending in Herning, Denmark and - from one jam session to another - have soon established as a band. Whilst performing at college parties and local bars in town, the band was struggling to find the edge in order to claim their own turf in the rock scene. After finishing their degrees the band has moved to Arhus, which gave them a new air, more time and better conditions to develop their sound. Today the band claims to have found the edge and is working intensively towards international recognition in a practice room at the Royal Music Academy where Robert has enrolled in 2014. The band has been around their home country, toured in Germany, Austria, Canada, England and released an album entitled ‘’Come Again’’ in early 2014, which reveals the broad range of influences the band shared before narrowing to a more grungy direction later. Their new EP ‘’Substances’’ is heavily influenced and inspired by grunge, punk and britrock. Robert’s style to pinch melodies with dissonance, Kuba’s heavy-handed bass and Kristian’s right-on drums create the contended, but provocative sound. The songwriting is mostly done by Robert, who’s favorite acts include Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Babyshambles, The Doors, Bon Iver and Mozart. Every number is later crafted and completed with the entire band involved and is an essential element in the process. The band members admit to loving, but also not liking each other and getting into conflict on a regular, but also claim that it is that tension that constantly drives them towards new horizons and regardless of the beef – the members always end up on a good note. It is fair to say that all three live highly contrasting lifestyles - with Robert burning to try it all once and treating his bi-polarism as a blessing, Kuba loving the tech and comics and being down-to-earth round the clock, and Kristian craving status and security for the sake of family values. All three members maintain their jobs, with any excess money being moved straight into the band’s budget. Frivolous, inviting and persistent – this trio of contrasting, yet coherent personalities brings about their own touch on rock’n’roll. If you’re a fan of experiencing the type of comfort associated with being in good hands of bad boys – this band is your gig.


  • +45 22815339
  • Aarhus